Live. Laugh. Love.

"Live your life the best you can.
Laugh until you physically can't.
Love until you pass on." - my interpretation

So it's cliché, but I'm trying to find myself, and in so many ways. It's late but I feel like I'm going through the "angst" I should have gone through years ago when I was in middle/ high school.

Dance is my absolute passion. I'm learning to use the creative mind I was gifted with whether it be through dance, communication and understanding, photography, or love.

If you find yourself in my close group of friends, please understand that that's a big deal... #sassy #dontcare... this Gemini is picky and selective sooooooo take that as you will.

I believe everything has and will happen for some form of reason. Karma can be your best friend or your worst enemy; treat her nicely.
Ask me anything

Ask me anything

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